What is Web Hosting ? Part-3

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Assessing the Options – What is Web Hosting


In this section, we’ll elaborate on a few points, provide additional information about domain names and how to pick a good one, discuss web hosting technologies, and go over the various hosting options.

A domain name

The name entered into the browser to open a certain website is known as a domain name, sometimes referred to as a website address. For instance, Facebook’s domain name is facebook.com. It is the name by which your website will be referred to online and how users will locate it.


Finding the ideal domain name is crucial. Your domain name will be one of the most crucial aspects of your online identity, just as your company name is one of the most identifiable components of your brand identification in the real world. Your clients will input it into their browser as soon as they arrive at your website or find it through a search engine like Google or Bing.

What is Web Hosting Part -3
What is Web Hosting Part -3

Many domain types

There are numerous varieties of domain names, or TLDs (top level domains). We can all recognise that your website name has a few extra letters added to the end, for instance.com,.net, or.org. Additionally, there are Nation Code TLDs that stand for the respective country codes, such as.uk (United Kingdom),.us (United States), and so forth.

Additionally, you might have noticed that some websites begin with www and wondered if yours did too. The prefix is just a matter of personal preference, and whether or not your website uses one has no bearing on anything. When you install the programme to create the website, you can choose your preference.

The name of your website will frequently be in the format yoursitename.hostedsitename.com if you decide to use free hosting or try one of the hosted website options. As a result, your website doesn’t have a distinctive name and instead resides under a subdomain owned by the company that hosts your website. You gave away control of your name to someone else, and maintaining your website name in this format doesn’t appear very professional.

Which domain name would be ideal for my website?

What matters most is how you want your website and company to be portrayed online. There are countless options available when picking a domain name.

However, there are a few guidelines that you should abide by.

Since 52% of all websites have a “com” domain, go with that first. Choose a name that stands out; do not use a name that sounds identical to those of other websites.

Don’t make it difficult for people to type; you don’t want them to type your name wrong. Make it as recognisable as you can; your domain name will serve as your brand.

JTFlowers.com is preferable to JennyTylerFlowers.com since it is shorter.

Perform the search before you register the name to avoid trademark issues.

Never use numerals or hyphens; avoid them at all costs.

Make sure you adore your domain name before you marry it.

Verify social media – Verify social media for the same name every time.

Added domain advice

Protecting intellectual property might be a good idea. Considering how inexpensive domains are, it makes sense to purchase the name’s many extensions. If you are purchasing a.com, also purchase a.net and, if you live in the US, perhaps a.us.

Additionally, you can discover that a desired domain name is already registered but not necessarily in use. The term “premium domain names” is typically used to describe them. They are domain names that someone else has registered and is selling. How much a domain is worth in the market cannot be determined. However, you can check out Sedo or Godaddy Auction. You might also want to get in touch with the domain owner to see if you can make an offer to acquire it if it isn’t up for auction. To find the domain owner’s contact details, utilise the Whois tool.

Notably, the majority of hosting providers also provide domain registration services. Some people maintain their hosting account and domain name distinct at the registrar provider. I feel that for trouble-free management and maintenance, it is simpler to keep everything under your hosting account. In any case, be sure that your name, not the name of your friend or the web designer who assisted you, is listed as the domain’s registered owner. Additionally, you have login information for the control panel of the domain registrar you want to use.

Web hosting

The authorization granted by your web hosting plan or package details how you may utilise your internet space. Whatever term you choose, they all refer to the same thing. The domain name and web hosting package are frequently purchased together, however they work separately, just like your workplace and your business.

Paying for your web hosting plan is similar to paying your lease if you imagine your web host as your landlord, which will make things more clear. You can think of renewing your domain name as renewing your business licence because your domain name is a component of your business and you are free to move it whenever you choose. Although you can typically take care of both at once, they are two independent things that you need to take care of.

When new webmasters are seeking to select a web host, they frequently run into a slew of web providers that are offering a wide range of package options. You can choose between packages using the Linux Operating System (OS) from some web hosting, and Windows from others. If you’re new, you could question whether the operating system included in the box matters and whether Windows or Linux is the better option.

The kind of web hosting package you select will depend on the requirements and technologies used by your website ( or will be built on). You should decide on your hosting needs and then buy it, just as you would first choose a building based on your needs and then pay the rent. With the help of this manual, we hope to dispel any confusion that may exist.

Note: | frequently hear people mention that they use a Mac and inquire as to whether a web server exists that provides Mac packages. By the time you finish reading this section, you’ll understand that just because you use a Mac doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find a web host that offers Mac OS X web hosting. For what it’s worth, at the time we prepared this tutorial, we weren’t aware of any web hosts that offered Mac products.

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